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We make it simple and easy to hire top cybersecurity freelancers.

Vetted Talent Only

We recruit top cybersecurity professionals in the U.S. who are interested in freelance opportunities. Applicants to our network go through a multi-step vetting process to ensure that only the best-qualified freelancers are available to work on solving your company's cybersecurity problems.

Our vetting process is unmatched and is extensive by design so you can rest assured that your critical business systems will be in good hands and that your cybersecurity problems will be solved by experienced and qualified professionals.

Identity verification
Background, reference & certification checks
Skills assessment and technical validation
Reviews and customer feedback

For your company’s protection, every freelancer in our network has signed an NDA providing complete confidentiality and full protection of your company’s proprietary information and intellectual property.

Get a Short-List

After reviewing your company's needs and the scope, budget and requirements to solve its problem, we'll generate a short-list of cybersecurity freelancers in our network who are both qualified and available to take on the work. We have thousands of deployable vetted cybersecurity freelancers who are based in the U.S. and are ready to start working for you.

Select The Best Fit

We'll coordinate interviews with the freelancers you select from the short-list so you can quickly determine the best possible candidate. Once you make a final decision, we'll initiate the processes to get the freelancer started on solving your company’s problem right away. We handle all freelancer administration such as invoicing and payments to make the entire process simple and easy for your company.

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